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Game meta-information:

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From this file, you can edit the various meta-information of your game.

Once you modified the file, don't forget to click on "Reload game informations" from the Control Panel in order in can be taken into account.

Most information provided in this file are self-explainable. Some information, though:

  • You are not allowed to set the "is_beta" to 0 before the game has been released on BGA and stabilized.
  • "fast/medium/slow_additional_time": please set high values here: after the game has been released, we will lower these value to match the real game duration.
  • "players":
    • during the first step of development of a game, you'd better allow the "1 player" configuration: much easy to start/stop a game this way.
    • if you change the minimum number of players from for example 1 to 2, make sure the new tables you create are not restricted from 1 to 1 player otherwise when you create a new table and this account setting is used, there will be a conflict with the new minimum number of players allowed.
  • suggest_player_number / not_recommend_player_number: don't specify anything here if there is no configuration that is REALLY better/worst than another one. You can check player's poll on BoardGameGeek game page if you have any doubt.

Custom "buy this game" button

By default, the "buy this game" button is a link to an Amazon search with the name of the game.

You can replace it by a different URL / game button label with :

'custom_buy_button' => array(
   'url' => '',
   'label' => 'Name of the website'

Note : button label will be "Buy on <Name of the website>"


Any number of Tags can be attribute to your game. Tags are useful to place your game in the correct place and to give a good quick overview of what the game is about to players.

Main game category (you MUST specify one tag AND ONLY ONE from this category):

  • 1: Abstract game
  • 2: Casual games
  • 3: For regular players
  • 4: For core gamers

Other tags (you can specify any numbers of tags):

  • 10: Short game (<10 minutes)
  • 11: Medium length game (10 minutes to 30 minutes)
  • 12: Long game (>30mn)
  • 20: Awarded game (Win a prestigious award) (the game must have been at the first place of one the following major awards list).
  • 22: Prototype (This game has not been published yet)
  • 23: Classic (This game is a classic from Public Domain)
  • 30: 2 players (2p game / best with 2 players)
  • 100: Fantasy theme
  • 101: Science Fiction them
  • 102: Historical theme
  • 103: Adventure
  • 104: Exploration
  • 105: Conquest
  • 106: Building
  • 200: Card game (Cards plays a central role in this game)
  • 201: Dice
  • 202: Solo game
  • 203: Worker placement
  • 204: Hand management
  • 205: Bluff
  • 206: Tile placement
  • 207: Combinations
  • 208: Majority
  • 209: Race
  • 210: Collection