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Phiên bản vào lúc 04:23, ngày 4 tháng 11 năm 2017 của Fmoraes (thảo luận | đóng góp) (→‎Summary of the game)
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Summary of the game

I - Farming:

A) Sowing: the first player draws 5 Food cards twice and places them in order
B) Harvest: in turn order, each player chooses one of the 2-card columns
C) New turn order: depending on the columns that are chosen, a new turn order arises

II - Expansion: each player, in turn order, performs all of the actions below.

A) New huts: the player places a number of huts corresponding to the value of the Expansion of the current turn
B) Resupplying: using their cards, the player resupplies their huts
C) Famine: unsupplied huts are removed from the board
D) Wells: the player may place wells on the intersection of 3 hexagons on which they have huts
E) Revenue & prestige: the player earns camels and scores points

III - Actions: each player, in turn order, spends their camels (totally or in part)

A) Build / extend a ziggurat (Cannot build on rivers or next to wells)
B) Create intrigue in Assur
C) Make an offering to the gods (Up to 3 camels)
D) Buy a Plow or Food card (You may never hold more than 1 Plow card. Only 1 Food card may be bought each turn)

End of turn: If this is not the end of a Reign, place a new Expansion card. Otherwise, a Flood takes place.

Floods mark the end of a Reign. The first Reign ends after 2 game turns. The second and third Reigns end after 3 turns.

I) Flooding: each hut located on the river is removed
II) Assur: the players count their influence and score points depending on the Expansion cards of the current Reign (If tied, most huts wins. If still tied, higher hut wins)
III) Dignitaries: the players score bonuses depending on the dignitaries on whose spaces they are placed (Higher: 1 to 8 points / Middle: a plow card / Lower: 1 camel per hut)
IV) Offerings: the players multiply their position on the offerings tracks with the number of ziggurats they own on the board
V) Next reign : place the Bonus card (4-players); place a new Expansion card.

At the end of the 3rd Reign, players score 1 point per ziggurat tile, 1 point per Plow card and 1 point for each group of 2 remaining camels. (In case of a tie for first place, all tied players share victory)

Influence in Assur: the player with the most influence wins all points from Expansion cards. The second player wins nothing in the 1st Reign, and the value of the lowest card in the other 2 Reigns.