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Description of the game :

Players take the role of secret services of nations attempting to eradicate a terrorist threat, an organization known as the UTE. UTE is led by Kara, a fighter whose life was a living hell. Kara wants to control the world today. The choice no longer exists, she must be eliminated or she will destroy our way of life. Her organization has already infiltrated strategic areas: nuclear submarine, space control center, virology laboratory and the United Nations whose senior official was kidnapped. You will have to secure these places and deliver the hostage. You do not know who to trust, secret services are forced to act underground, like terrorists do. Infiltrators may be among your own services. To act underground, it will make the best use of space surveillance satellites to locate agents, targets, tactical or strategic places and control the operations.

Rules (NOTE: for easier understanding of the rules it is recommended start game in solo mode to see the board and cards)

The goal is to score victory points (VPs). VPs are shown at the bottom of every card in star symbol. Players get VPs for capturing these cards: objectives (yellow cards), sentinels (soldier picture), agents (tie guys with gun) or Kara terrorist (black girl with bow). Players also get VPs for deploying their own agents to the board. Game is played in turns. In every turn all players take actions starting with the player holding Frist Player token. Game ends after 12 turns or when agreed number of objectives gets captured (from 2 to 5).

Board Board consists of six rows by seven columns of cards. Top row is for placing satellites. Rows one – five below top row include cards that are played during the match.

Player Sheet Each player gets sheet with three friendly agents (tie guys with gun, VPs and shield in player’s own color), Super Satellite token and optionally Double Agent token or First Player token. Each player sheet represents selected nation providing special power, that can be used every turn.

Dices, yellow cubes, equipment cards deck Dices are used for attack action. Attacker rolls four dices and compares result with target Defense. Equal or higher number means success. Some targets roll one additional die that increases their Defense. Yellow cubes are attack attempt tokens. They are placed on Objective cards for unsuccessful attack (or by Binocular item ability) and get added to next attack roll result. Equipment deck shows next item card that will be drawn to refresh board or for certain actions.

Turn order - place (relocate) your satellites at selected orbits (vertical rows of the board) - make actions with cards on the board, that can be spotted by satellites (selected from the rows where you placed satellites)

Satellites Satellites are placed in the top row of the board. White satellites are neutral, they are placed by the game engine. In the first turn players place satellites freely on any empty spot. During satellite phase players relocate satellites in one of two ways: - by swapping one own satellite with another opponent/neutral satellite - by relocating exactly two own satellites to any free slots in a different column

Satellites allow to spot (mark) cards on the board, one card for each satellite. A card must be selected in the same column where satellite is located. Depending how many satellites (any color) are located in given column player can choose from top one, top two or top three rows of the column. If there are three same color satellites player can select from any of five rows of this column.

Card actions Depending what card gets marked player does the following actions:

Equipment card (with item pictures) Card is taken to player zone. Can be played immediately or another turn. Generates certain positive effect.

Friendly agent card (tie guy with gun, VPs on player’s own color) Agent VP value gets added to player Attack value (for current turn only).

Enemy agent card (tie guy with gun, VPs on other player’s color) or Neutral agent card (tie guy with gun, VPs on black) or Kara terrorist card (girl with bow, VPs on black) Agent marked for capture or other actions. His/her Defense is number shown on shield + 1 die roll.

Sentinel card (soldier picture, VPs on black) Sentinel marked for capture or other actions. His/her Defense is number shown on shield.

Special action card (red card) Generates certain effect. Depending on card - immediately or end of turn.

Objective card (yellow card) Objective marked for one of two actions: - immediately generates certain effect or - marked for capture – objective Defense is number shown on shield.

Capture (attack) action Common sequence is as follows: - player marks friendly agent, adding his VPs to attack value - optionally makes actions that further increase attack value (activates certain items or objectives) - marks target for capture - selects attack action Four dices are rolled and added to attack value. Total attack value is compared with defense value of marked target (number in shield). If target is another agent or Kara terrorist his/her defense is increased by one die roll. Attack value equal or greater than defense means success. Roll of four equal die numbers always means success. On success target gets captured and moves to player sheet. Its VP value gets added to player result. On failure friendly agent that was used for attack gets moved back to player sheet.

Friendly agents There is always one first-level friendly agent on the board, one for each player. It cannot be killed or removed from the board. To play more friendly agents player needs to mark and use Boat item card or Support special card. Both allow to place the lowest available friendly agent on selected empty spot on the board. Before attack action player can mark more than one friendly agent and item/special card/objective card to increase attack value. Attack value is reset to zero at the beginning of every turn.

Objective cards Objectives can be used to generate certain effect or captured for VPs and permanent bonuses awarded to player who captured them. Objective cannot be used and captured in the same turn though. Objective cannot be captured if it is protected by nearby sentinel or non-friendly agent. "Nearby" means side by side horizontally or vertically. To capture objective which is protected player needs to remove (capture) all nearby protectors or to play Explosive item card. Explosive allows to ignore sentinels. Unsuccessful capture action puts capture attempt yellow token on the objective. For every subsequent capture attempt the number of yellow tokens is added to attack value.

End of turn After all players take their turns Board gets updated: first row is moved to the bottom as fifth row, rows two-five move up by one row (second row becomes first row)

First Player token After all players take their turns First Player token moves to the last player. In two player game it moves to the player with the lowest number of VP points.

Super Satellite token Allows to upgrade any own satellite to super satellite. Super satellite allows to target any of five rows in selected column. Super satellite cannot be swapped by another player during satellite phase. Super satellite token is discarded at the end of turn, it can be used by each player once during entire match.

Double Agent token Double agent token allows to use any non-friendly agent, sentinel or Kara terrorist as player own agent. It adds its VP to player attack value. Token is discarded after use, but can be acquired again by using Undercover special card.

Other cards and effects Explanation provided by game engine. Complete list available in official game rules.