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Phiên bản vào lúc 21:46, ngày 17 tháng 10 năm 2016 của Zahlman (thảo luận | đóng góp) (copyediting and spacing; also clarified that 20 is not subtracted for unstarted expeditions)
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THE DECK: 5 suits (corresponding to the "expeditions" on the play field) of 9 cards each (numbered 2-10), plus 3 "investment" or "handshake" cards.

PLAY: On your turn, you must:

1. Either add one card to an expedition (suit) or discard one to the appropriate pile on the board.

2. Pick up the top card from the stock pile or from one discard pile.

Both actions are mandatory.

Cards must be added in ascending sequence, but gaps are permitted. Investment cards may precede a numerical card, but may not be added afterward.

Players need not embark on all 5 expeditions; only those that are embarked on by a player count toward that player's score.

The game ends immediately when the last card is picked up from the stock pile.

SCORING: Your score is the sum of the points you scored for each of the five expeditions, counted as follows:

1. Take the sum of all numbered cards in the expedition

2. Subtract 20 if you played any cards to it (including investment cards)

3. Multiply by (number of investment cards + 1)

4. Add 20 if the expedition contains 8 or more cards