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Development Actions

  1. Create Hoplites: Only in one polis per turn; pay 1 metal (or silver) per hoplite
  2. Create Galleys: Only in one polis per turn; pay 1 wood (or silver) per galley, then place it in adjacent sea territory (see arrow).
  3. Create Merchants: Only in one commercial city per turn; pay 1 wood (or silver) per merchant, then place it in Trade Port.

Military Actions (cost 1 Prestige)

  1. Move Hoplites: Destination territory of all hoplites has to be the same; each unit is moved separately (via land or sea territories, but not both); territories controlled by opponent (with greater number of units) block movement.
  2. Move Galleys: Destination territory of all galleys has to be the same; each unit is moved separately (only sea territories); territories controlled by opponent block movement.
  3. Besiege Polis: Player has to control territory with at least as many hoplites as polis has Fortification. Throw the die:
  • If result higher than/equal to Fortification: take Polis Tile (with all projects); receive Prestige (= Fortification).
  • If result lower than Fortification, attacker loses 1 hoplite. If polis owned by opponent, it loses 1 Population Cube.
  1. Collection: Must own polis in region. Take resources corresponding to number of hoplites from the region placed in Tribute Box. Place disk to show region exhausted and return hoplites. No Prestige cost for action in home region.

Political Actions

  1. Trade: Move one merchant via free trade route to Foreign Market and place it on available shipload:
  • Goods exchange (goods for wheat / silver); then increase market value (roll die; move marker right).
  • Purchase (silver paid for wheat); then decrease market value (roll die twice; use higher result to move marker left).
  1. Move Proxenos: Movement via land or sea territories. Has to bribe each enemy unit with 1 silver (not to the opponent).
  2. Redeem Proxenos: Pay 2 silver to opponent; place Proxenos in capital.
  3. Instigate Civil War: Proxenos needed; action costs 2x Base Population (neutral polis) or 3x current Population (owned by opponent). Receive Prestige (= Population bribed, not amount of money spent).


If 8 or more units in territory after player's turn. Attacker plays 2 cards, defender tries to match formations. Card pairs are then compared:

  • not matching: defender loses 1 unit, attacker gains Prestige on card.
  • matching: no loss for defender, attacker gains Prestige difference if his value is higher. Attacker draws 2 cards; defender draws one less card for each loss suffered (maximum 2).

The battle ends if:

  1. not enough cards are left in the Combat Card deck.
  2. one player retreats (and pays 1 Prestige to opponent).
  3. one player has less than 2 units left.

End of the Round

  1. Projects: all are completed, and award immediate Prestige.
  2. Supply: player has to pay wheat = total of Population Cubes; if insufficient, difference either paid with Prestige, or poleis are discarded.
  3. Growth: increase Population in poleis with wheat (1:1); heed Maximum Growth and Population Maximum. Optional.
  4. Megalopolis: 1 Prestige awarded for every polis exceeding Base Population.
  5. Storage: halve amount of oil, wine, and wheat in storage (rounded up). E.G. originally you have: 3 oil, 5 wine and 7 wheat and afterwards: 2 oil, 3 wine and 4 wheat.
  6. Phoros: exchange Prestige for silver (1:1). Optional.

Preparations for the next Round

Move round marker one space to the right. Remove all discs from Tribute Boxes. Place merchants back in Trade Ports. Place 3 new Project Tiles (discard remaining tiles). Draw new Event Card.

End of Game Conditions

  1. A player cannot supply enough wheat/Prestige to feed his capital.
  2. A player does not have any Prestige left after “End of Round” phase.
  3. The fourth round (5β) has been finished.

Final Score

  • total of Population Cubes in all poleis, plus
  • current Prestige, plus
  • ”Prestige for Posterity” (on project tiles).