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Each round of play has the following stages:

  1. Players take turns playing their three "targi" (meeples) on the border cards. Targi may not be placed in the same row or column as your opponent's Targi.
  2. Place 1 or 2 "tribal markers" in the middle of the game board at the intersection of the rows/columns of your targi.
  3. You may then activate the cards under each of your pieces. These cards may give you more goods, or they may let you spend your goods to purchase special cards to place in your personal tableau.

You may only hold 3 gold and 10 goods total between rounds.

The game ends when a player has filled their tableau, or when the robber has completed one jog around the map.

In addition to the victory points earned during the game and from special card abilities, you also get:

  • 4 victory points for a building a row of identical cards in your tableau, and
  • 2 victory points for a row of all different cards