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Rules are here:

(A picture of all 18 Age II buildings: )

For Each Round

- Each player takes their turn, going around the table

- On a food day, feed your workers and take your rewards

- Advance the Calendar

Player turn

- Beg for corn: If you have 2 or less corn, you may beg for corn unless you are at the bottom step of all three temples. (Turn in all corn, take 3 corn and move one step down on any temple)

- Either place workers OR pick up workers

-- Placing workers: pay corn for the number of workers you place. The cost for the number of workers you place is 0, 1, 3, 6, 10, or 15 for, respectively, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 workers placed on that turn, plus the cumulative cost noted next to each of your placed workers.

-- Picking up Workers: You may pick up one or more of your placed workers. For each worker picked up either

--- Use the action where your worker was standing

--- Use a lower action on the wheel from where your worker was standing(if not standing on a free action space,pay 1 corn for each step back)

--- Do nothing.

Food Day

-Feed the Workers Each players must pay 2 corn for each worker they have in play (on a gear or in front of you) with the exception for any farms you own. You must feed as many workers as you have corn for. -- For each worker not fed, you lose 3 points

-Take Rewards

--Middle of Age (Brown days)

--- Receive items shown on the left edge of temples from step you are on and all steps below

-- End of Age (Teal Days)

--- Remove all Age 1 buildings and fill spaces with Age 2 buildings

--- Receive points shown on the right edge of temples for the step you are on.

--- Bonus points for each temple for person with the highest market. Bonus amount is shown above each temple. For ties, everyone receives half the bonus.

Advance the Calendar

If there is no worker on the starting player space, place a corn on the current Tzolk'in gear tooth and advance the gear one day.


- The worker on the Starting Player space returns to the player

-- If this person was not the starting player, they take the starting player marker.

-- If they were the starting player, the starting player marker is moved to the player on his left

- Advance the Tzolk'in Gear one day.

- The player that placed their worker on the Starting Player space may decide to advance the gear one extra day if the player board is light side up AND this advance will not push a player off the gears.

-- If you use this option, flip your board to dark side up.

-- This does not avoid food days.

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