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Game statistics:

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In this file, you are describing game statistics, that will be displayed at the end of the game.

After modifying this file, you must use "Reload statistics configuration" in BGA Studio Control Panel -> Manage Games ("Game Configuration" section):!studio

There are 2 types of statistics:

  • table statistics, that are not associated to a specific player (i.e.: one value for each game).
  • player statistics, that are associated to each players (i.e.: one value for each player in the game).

Statistics types can be "int" for integer, "float" for floating point values, and "bool" for boolean.

Once you defined your statistics there, you can start using "initStat", "setStat" and "incStat" methods in your game logic, using statistics names defined below. See API

!! It is not a good idea to modify this file when a game is running !!

If your game is already public on BGA, please read the following before any change:


  • Statistic index is the reference used in setStat/incStat/initStat PHP method
  • Statistic index must contains alphanumerical characters and no space. Example: 'turn_played'
  • Statistics IDs must be >=10
  • Two table statistics can't share the same ID, two player statistics can't share the same ID
  • A table statistic can have the same ID than a player statistics
  • Statistics ID is the reference used by BGA website. If you change the ID, you lost all historical statistic data. Do NOT re-use an ID of a deleted statistic
  • Statistic name is the English description of the statistic as shown to players

  $stats_type = array(

    // Statistics global to table
    "table" => array(

        "turns_number" => array("id"=> 10,
                    "name" => totranslate("Number of turns"),
                    "type" => "int" ),
    // Statistics existing for each player
    "player" => array(

        "turns_number" => array("id"=> 10,
                    "name" => totranslate("Number of turns"),
                    "type" => "int" ),

        "player_teststat1" => array(   "id"=> 11,
                                "name" => totranslate("player test stat 1"), 
                                "type" => "int" ),
        "player_teststat2" => array(   "id"=> 12,
                                "name" => totranslate("player test stat 2"), 
                                "type" => "float" )