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Pre-release checklist

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If you think your game is ready to be reviewed by by BGA admins and/or Publisher please consult this checklist first

  • Metadata and graphics
    • Game_meta-information: has correct and up to date information about the game
    • Game box graphics is 3D version of the game box (if available) and publisher icon is correct (see Game art: img directory). Space around the box has to be transparent, not white.
    • There is no images in img directory which are not needed anymore
    • Multiple images (i.e. cards) are compressed in "Sprite" (see Game art: img directory)
    • Each image should not exceed 4M
    • Total size should not exceed 10M, image compression should be used otherwise
  • Server side
    • Game progression is implemented (getGameProgression() in php)
    • Zombie turn is implemented (zombieTurn() in php). Note: it can only be tested if you explicitly click on the quit button to create a zombie. If you are expelled it does not generated a Zombie.
    • You have defined and implemented some meaningful statistics for your game (i.e. total points, point from source A, B, C...)
    • Game has meaningful notification messages (but don't overkill it, more user logs will slow down the loading)
    • You implemented tiebreaking (using aux score field) and updated tiebreaker description in meta-data
  • Special testing
    • Game is tested with spectator (non player observer)
    • Game is tested with in-game replay feature (by clicking on notification log items)
    • Game works in Chrome and Firefox browsers at least. Also very recommended to test in IE 11 and Edge.
    • Game works on mobile device (if you don't have mobile device to test at least test in Chrome with smaller screen, they have a mode for that)
    • Test your game in realtime mode. Usually people will run out of time if you use default times unless you add call giveExtraTime($active_player_id) before each turn
    • Test your game in 3D mode
  • Cleanup
    • Remove all extra console.log from your js code
    • Remove all unnecessary debug logging from your php code
    • Copyright headers in all source files have your name
  • User Interface
    • Review BGA UI design Guidelines BGA_Studio_Guidelines
    • Non-self explanatory graphic elements should have tooltips
    • If graphic elements appear in notification log they should have titles (i.e. title attribute of div) so can be read in non rendered form (i.e. as text only)
    • Strings in your source code are ready for translation. See Translations
  • Finally
    • Send e-mail to bga admins asking for review of the game, you cannot post to pre-production yourself using control panel until review is done and they unlock it. If they don't reply post on dev forum.
    • If you looking for advise on design and some 3rd party testing you can post a message of developers forum, and ask our developers, there are a lot of people who will gladly do it.